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Publish !

Ham Radio is relevant. But without publicity, no one is aware of it !

make full use of the potential of this techno-scientific initiative !

  • It is essential that we make this platform known to STEM interested persons and communities, especially young talents!
  • It is also very important to publicise project ideas in order to assemble good teams.
  • And – last but not least – we are proud to publish the accomplishments of our successful teams!

Make this Platform known also beyond our own community

any suggestions are welcome ! please help us to identify additional target audiences !
goal: STEM communities are made aware of this initiative.

  • ads in professional publications/websites
  • Media Releases to the techno-scientific society, including industry, R&D etc
  •  ….

Publish and advertise Project Ideas before projects start

any suggestions are welcome !
goal: assemble good project teams also from outside our ham communities. Stop “isolationism”.

  • corner/rubric in our own club magazine(s)
  • on our own website(s)
  • on communications channels of our partners and patrons
  • where young STEM talents are: Schools, Teacher’s Associations, Education Authorities, Colleges, vocational schools, school project weeks, etc
  • Event Calendars of Newspapers, Journals etc
  • Family Communities. Address parents who are interested that their kids will be enabled to meet the challenges and aquire important skills, techno-scientific and working in teams.
  • ….

Proudly present/publish Project Accomplishments

any suggestions are welcome !
goal: let the world see and recognize what our techno-scientific community is able to contribute to a better world ! Have colleagues participate and benefit from your/our results !

  • publication/articles in club magazine and website
  • If interesting to society, Media Release, even Media Conference
  • If awarded, Award Ceremony in public (invite decision makers from industry, economy, politics and authorities)
  • …..
Learn From Colleagues !

working in teams is fun and gives you an unique opportunity to exchange with colleages who are interested in the same matter !

Accomplish in Teams !

Working in Teams brings you a much higher probability of success than if you work alone !

Join our organisation !

join our ranks of people interested in experimenting with wireless communication technologies ! Do not stay apart !