where Hams accomplish together

Background Info

HamProjects.ch is the first tangible result discussed and developed by the “Strategic Objectives Team #4” in IARU R1’s “Shaping the Future” (STF) Initiative.
Here you find some documents. For overall information, go to IARU R1’s STF site.

Documents leading to this HamProjects initiative

Tools used
for this rapid prototype

  • WordPress with Astra, Elementor Pro
  • WPForms Pro for various forms, with Captcha to avoid spam
  • Videoconference: USKA standardized BigBlueButton.org (BBB), like many other Member Societies in IARU, USKA operates a server of our own (in Switzerland). BBB has no limits in concurrent conferences, our BBB server performs well for up to 150 concurrent conference participants. Rooms for HamGroups and HamProjects are open 24×7.
  • Repository: Moodle. USKA has standardized on Moodle for various applications. Thus we use it also for HamProjects.ch. Alternative could be Nextcloud (less known than Moodle).
  • Project specific Forum: we use the forum built into Moodle. Our HamGroup-Members are already used to it.
  • List Server: Sendinblue.de. Assuring GDPR requirements.
  • GitHub

Further refinement and development

Speed to Market is essential for us ! We want to launch this platform soon in order to get feedback from the market !

Improvements intended:

  • Homepage must be very motivating while simplified. Picture language, short Video.
  • Graphical Design on all pages must be improved.

We need further manpower, as described in “Staff”.

online HamEcosystem

You find an overview of USKA’s online HamEcosystem here (sorry, in german only at this time).

Right after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemy, USKA board started to take decisive action to mitigate this crises for our members. The almost immediate acceptance of videoconferencing by wide circles of the population facilitated the introduction of online activities enormously.
We have now completed our online HamEcosystem and will start marketing it especially outside our traditional ham communities, with the goal to reach young STEM talents we have been missing for such a long time!